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We thank you for your patience and support during these times! Yes, NYS curbside mandates were recently lifted!  But now with the volume of appointments we are seeing each day, we don't have the space to fit everyone in to the available exam rooms.  We are working on solutions!

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UPDATE as of 9/26/21

YES! But...,

As per the NYS HERO ACT, we are limited to what we are able to offer.  Do you feel like we are the part of the yoyo that goes up and down and just spins like crazy!?!  I DO TOO!  But, that's ok!  We are able to be here for you and your pets, one way or another, we will continue to strive to offer the BEST we can offer!  

So, yes, we are so happy to have you back in the building with your furry friends! I know it is not to full capacity, and can still require a little bit of figuring out on your part, but we are here to help however we can.  Please let us know what you need, and we will accommodate where we can.  Please go to the COVID-19 page to read what our current protocols are! 

Thank you!

Can We Come In Yet?!

A short comment from the desk of Dr. Prosser...