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We thank you for your patience and support during these times! Yes, NYS curbside mandates were recently lifted!  But now with the volume of appointments we are seeing each day, we don't have the space to fit everyone in to the available exam rooms.  We are working on solutions!

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Listen, we get it!  These are trying times, and anything we do simply will not be the preferred way for everyone.  In a situation like we are facing, there just is not one good answer that will keep everybody happy.  BUT, what we can do, is try to be as PATIENT, RESPECTFUL ,and as ACCOMMODATING as we can, both to you, as well as to each of our fellow work mates.  We WILL make a valiant effort to CONTINUE to provide SAFE, QUALITY, and PERSONALIZED CARE for every client and every pet that comes to us. 

UPDATE as of 7/5/21

I would like to get each and every one of you back in to this building so we can have face to face discussions again! Here is the deal...  If you aren't aware, it is very difficult to get an appointment for your pet these day.  This is  happening across the country!  Veterinarians are seeing pets at a maximum capacity, and it is very difficult to keep up with their needs.  It is also nearly impossible to find additional veterinary staff to make up for the need.  SOOOO... with that said, we are doing everything we can to try and see as many people as need their pets to be seen.  Because of this, now we don't have enough room in our waiting area and don't have enough exam rooms to hold all of the pets we are having in here at any one time!  For this reason, we are going to continue the curbside care until we are able to figure out how to accommodate a little better.  Thank you for your patience! 

Can We Come In Yet?!

Short and sympathetic thoughts from the desk of Dr. Prosser...