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Please refer to the COVID protocols page to see our current status...



We thank you for your patience and support during these times! 

Listen, COVID is a real virus, causing real sickness, and causing some people to be more concerned than others.  What we know is that we want to be respectful of everyone and provide the best care in the safest way that we can!  Thank you for being cooperative!

Please click the button below to see our PROTOCOLS PAGE.


UPDATE as of 3/16/2022.  

YES, you can come in! But...,

Here is where we are at when it comes to what you can expect when arriving to the hospital with your pet(s): 

We are asking you to call when you arrive still, so we can make sure that we have an exam room available to get you right into.  When we have a room available, you are allowed to come in with your pet(s), but we are limiting the amount of people coming in to one adult.  Please plan ahead to make this possible, but we understand there may be circumstances where more than one individual may be necessary to enter, please call us to discuss so we can plan accordingly.  


Masks are not being required, and there will be a mix of employees that may or may not be wearing a mask.  If you are experiencing any hint of illness, we ask you to be courteous to our staff and wear a mask please.  


CURBSIDE APPOINTMENTS ARE AVAILABLE STILL if you are more comfortable with this option, all you have to do is let us know, and we will accommodate! 

Can We Come In Yet?!

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