Our Waiting Room Is Closed! 

In order to keep our clients and our staff as safe and healthy as possible, we have implemented the "Curbside" practice of servicing you and your pet's needs. 


Please Call Us When You Arrive:  

When you arrive to the parking lot, please park in the designated parking spaces, and call to inform us that you have arrived. Our staff will advise you as to what to do next based on why you have come.


Your Pet's Appointments Will Be Done While You Wait In Your Vehicle:  

Depending on what your pet's needs are, your pet's Doctor or Technician will discuss all pertinent information with you, get a detailed description of your and/or your pet's needs, and provide the appropriate and agreed upon plan based on those needs.


Rest Assured!  

We have taken precautions and implemented our own internal preventative protocols as well.  We have used the NYS Re-opening Safety Plan Template.  We are taking things very seriously to not only keep our staff as healthy and protected as possible, but also want you to be confident that we have your health in mind as well!


Thank You!  

We sincerely thank you for your patience and support during these times, as we make every effort to acclimate and implement these changes as advised by NYS and our local and national veterinary organizations.