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CLAW Hospital COVID-19 Policy:

Here is what you can expect when you make an appointment and bring your pet to us:

  • When you call to make an appointment, you will have to determine if you still want to do curbside service, or if you want to come in to speak with the Doctor.  If you want curbside, you MUST have a functioning cell phone, and you MUST have it with you. ​

  • Masks are now OPTIONAL: That means there will be a mix of employees that may or may not be wearing masks, and clients coming in and out may or may not be wearing a mask.  Please be aware of this and if you prefer a CURBSIDE appointment because of this, we can and will accommodate, just let us know ahead of time.  


  • In-Person Appointments will be slightly different!  Only 1 adult will be allowed in with the pet(s) for the appointment.  When you arrive, you must call to check in, and we will invite you in to an exam room as soon as we are able to do so.  Also, due to volume of appointments and pets being seen, we simply do not have room to have everyone in at the same time!  In order to try and keep our schedule from booking 2 months or more out, we are trying to see more people per day, and we may not be able to keep you in our limited number of exam rooms or the limited waiting area for the entire time.  Once we have our initial discussions with you and your pet in the exam room, we may have you go back out to your vehicle while we bring the pet back to the technicians to help us do the work that needs to be done with your pet.  This is so we can clean the space and get it ready for the next individuals to come in.


  • Curbside Appointments will be done through communications over the phone.  You will call to check in, you will either be placed on hold to speak to the doctor, or your number will be taken and the doctor will call you back.  Please actively watch for the call from the doctor so that you can answer when they call you. You will then be asked to bring the pet to the door, and you will need to pick your pet up from the door when they are ready to come back to you.  ***This means you MUST stay in a parking spot in the parking lot.  Curbside appointments are NOT drop off appointments for you to go get lunch or gas.  If a pet needs to be housed while we wait for you to return, there will be extra expectations that you bring back a yummy snack or maybe even lunch for the employees caring for your pet while you were gone and we were waiting for your return! Sorry, but we cannot continue to have this be a routine occurrence, as it interferes with the care that is necessary for the next pet waiting.

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